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March, 10th 2021

Valued Customers, 

On December 27th, 2020 the vape mail ban (S.1253) was signed into law. This new law prohibits any vapor-related products from being shipped with USPS. Following the passage of the new law, the major private delivery companies announced that they too would stop delivering vaping products, not just to homes, but also to businesses. FedEx stopped shipping vape products on March 1, UPS will stop shipping vape products on April 5. DHL had already prohibited shipping of vape products domestically before this law passed. 

The net effect of this ban will make it nearly impossible to ship vapor products direct to consumers. 

To ensure all orders are shipped out before the respective carriers’ cutoff dates, we will no longer be accepting consumer orders after March 26th, 2021. Due to high volume, please allow an additional 4-7 days for your order to be processed. We advise you get your order placed as soon as possible. If anything changes we will be sure to provide our customers with updates, but our advise at this time is to  stock up on your favorite vape products. 

SUBMIT your comments on this ruling

On February 19th, 2021, the USPS published in the Federal Register a proposed rule, which is necessary to carry out the new law. The public is invited to review and comment on the rule until March 22, 2021. We urge you to make your voice heard by clicking the link below

Legislative Advocacy – CASAA National Calls to Action

Thank you for your continued support